All for one and one for all. (x)

Anonymous asked:

what are you favourite tumblrs?

Hello. We’re only doing drama tumblrs, right? (Because otherwise the list would be too long, oops.)

Okay, so, I only really follow a handful of (mainly) drama tumblrs because I a) am picky, b) seem to loathe most of drama fandom’s opinions. With that being said, list of people I like, who also happen to make really pretty things: shura (is there anyone who doesn’t follow Lou? everyone does, because she’s a delight); dramadaebak (Kris, my babe); kurooha (Lydia, my favorite pain in the ass; currently on hiatus); caramelkane (Mary! beautiful, charming, super smart lady, she’s been a favorite of mine for yearsss); edgesofmyheart (Hannah, also beautiful, smart and funny and long time favorite; sadly she’s not been posting much lately), suddenlydramas (it’s co-run, they both make beautiful things, but I only personally know [and adore :P] one of them); simplydramas (Jenny! lovely, lovely Jenny; the tumblr is fairly new, but it’s all good stuff). Lastly, I don’t “know” dokmis, but their edits are very, very pretty! 


Just me again.
I love myself more than anything.
Even if I’m Hyeon Hee, is it okay?

You may lose me as well.

You are so unpredictable, Jeong Soo Young.

Anonymous asked:

so I know you watched Gap Dong and wanted to know if you like it or not?I'm still so eh about it


I didn’t/don’t. I wanted to, I really did want to like it (I was so excited!), but it just got… nowhere for me. I thought it was so convoluted, without actually being any complex at all, if that makes sense.

I just… trust people.

It’s not difficult. It’s rather a joy. If I take on more work and try harder, my loved ones will have a comfortable time and enjoy good food. That’s a special right and joy that only women get to have. Why share that with men?