Anonymous asked:

what are you favourite tumblrs?

Hello. We’re only doing drama tumblrs, right? (Because otherwise the list would be too long, oops.)

Okay, so, I only really follow a handful of (mainly) drama tumblrs because I a) am picky, b) seem to loathe most of drama fandom’s opinions. With that being said, list of people I like, who also happen to make really pretty things: shura (is there anyone who doesn’t follow Lou? everyone does, because she’s a delight); dramadaebak (Kris, my babe); kurooha (Lydia, my favorite pain in the ass; currently on hiatus); caramelkane (Mary! beautiful, charming, super smart lady, she’s been a favorite of mine for yearsss); edgesofmyheart (Hannah, also beautiful, smart and funny and long time favorite; sadly she’s not been posting much lately), suddenlydramas (it’s co-run, they both make beautiful things, but I only personally know [and adore :P] one of them); simplydramas (Jenny! lovely, lovely Jenny; the tumblr is fairly new, but it’s all good stuff). Lastly, I don’t “know” dokmis, but their edits are very, very pretty! 


Just me again.
I love myself more than anything.
Even if I’m Hyeon Hee, is it okay?

You may lose me as well.

You are so unpredictable, Jeong Soo Young.

Anonymous asked:

so I know you watched Gap Dong and wanted to know if you like it or not?I'm still so eh about it


I didn’t/don’t. I wanted to, I really did want to like it (I was so excited!), but it just got… nowhere for me. I thought it was so convoluted, without actually being any complex at all, if that makes sense.

I just… trust people.

It’s not difficult. It’s rather a joy. If I take on more work and try harder, my loved ones will have a comfortable time and enjoy good food. That’s a special right and joy that only women get to have. Why share that with men?

You have been born anew, into a person who has never before met anyone, or made any connections. 

Yes. She’s my daughter. She’s getting married late. She’s my precious daughter, like no other in the world.

You’re my baby! Out all my children, you’re the worst. I can’t stand you and I want to beat you up! You’re the finger that hurts the most. From the first day you came to my house, you weren’t the woman who had a relationship with my children’s father, but you were my baby. The one who’s worse off than my Dong Ok. The one who was worse off than my Dong Hee, who can’t distinguish between heaven and earth. That’s how I thought and lived. To you, I am your father, and your mother! 

It’s okay. Don’t go. I don’t think I can live without you now either. So, don’t go.