I keep on getting in trouble.

Let’s not talk, it’s distracting.

You’ve never actually forgotten him, have you?


She hasn’t changed at all… My Soo Wan.

Anonymous asked:

The ladies are amazing?! I guess I'll have to download it. I don't know what to expect of it yet but hearing a bit about your thoughts I've decided to give it a try. Knowing it won't be similar in tone is good since I thought it would be similar in some way. Then I won't be let down because of that. I generally like mature themes and slice of life dramas so maybe that helps. Thank you for your reply!

THEY ARE! I’m sure more people can vouch for that :). 

Anyway, you’re welcome, and do give it a chance. I’ll be here if you’d like to let me know your thoughts!

Anonymous asked:

Is "In A Good Way" good? I've wanted to watch it but I'm really careful with Taiwanese dramas. They've so many episodes and each episode is long enough to be a movie. I loved "In Time With You" and "Autumn's Concerto" but I've hated pretty much everything else I've seen. Is it similar to them in any way? Do you think I'll like it?

"Good" is so very subjective! And I’ve only seen two twdramas in their entirety, so I’m not very knowledgeable about them. With that being said, I am behind on In A Good Way, I’ve only watched 10 episodes, but I loved them a lot. The friend who recommended the show to me in the first place has been keeping up with it and I haven’t seen her complain so I’ll take that as a good sign?

I don’t know whether you’ll like it. I have not seen Autumn’s Concerto and In Time With You is so different both plot and tone-wise and, imho, it’s generally never a good idea to compare narratives too simplistically, but anyway! IAGW seems… breezier than ITWY, if that makes sense. The romance has been adorable so far but, to me, it’s really about these kids, who are about to enter the ~adult world, finding their path and themselves, so if you enjoy those kind of stories, you could definitely like it! The ladies (yes, again, sorry, but that’s probably the biggest selling point to me :P) are amazing, both on their own and in the way they relate to each other. I do find the writing pretty good overall, but again, it’s up to personal taste! 

Sorry for being super unhelpful!

EDIT! monghyuns said: Yes and Autumn’s Concerto, despite having a part of it set while they’re at school, in terms of tone is different from IAGW. It deals with heavy romance, disease, their adulthood, and other plotlines. IAGW is lighter in that aspect.

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Hi there! I was wondering if you could recommend some dramas, maybe? I'm not too fond of high school dramas, or ones with idols and fluff and what have you. My favorite drama of all time (thus far) is Coffee Prince for Gong Yoo's performance alone, if that helps. :)

Hello! I could recommend (more like, throw a few titles at you) some dramas but, as always, what I have enjoyed, you might loathe… so, be aware of that. 

(Even though you’re not too fond of hs dramas, I do tend to recommend Shut Up Flower Boy Band and White Christmas to most people anyway :P… they are not the fluffy kind of teenage dramas at all. WC, in particular, is a psychological drama [“are monsters born or are they made?”], and it’s different in tone than your average kdrama.)

No teens, no fluff, no idols… Word vomit ahead! (Sorry, read more doesn’t want to work atm.)

  • MISS KOREA! Miss Korea has been my everything and… it still is; I constantly contemplate dropping everything else and rewatching it because I loved it THAT much. I’ve read many people’s opinions on it and lots of them just didn’t care for it, which is perfectly fine, but I do think it deserves a chance. It’s got one of my favorite, favorite, favorite female leads EVER and a whole ensamble that’s just amazing, and all its ladies are INCREDIBLE.
  • The Greatest Love and Master’s Sun; I know, I know, EVERYONE ON THE FUCKING PLANET HATES THE HONG SISTERS, but I am an alien so that’s okay. I wouldn’t personally recommend most of their other dramas, but TGL and MS own my heart. There is some fluff (they are rom-coms), but it’s a fun kind of fluff. They make fun of it themselves.
  • Coffee House, Queen Inhyun’s Man and Nine; same writer and personal favorites of mine. QIHM does deliver on the fluff, so it might not be your thing, but I just found it so charming. CH takes most of the usual kdrama tropes and… screws with them. (One of the actors is an idol, but she actually started out as an actress and she wasn’t cringeworthy.)
  • Vampire Prosecutor, God’s Quiz if you’re up for procedurals! I haven’t actually finished watching the 3rd season of GQ because it wasn’t doing it for me, but I am super excited for the upcoming 4th one! 
  • Dal Ja’s SpringThe King of Dramas, Flower Boy Next Door are romcoms but also… they’re not ~just that (and I’m all about romcoms, so don’t take that as me talking down on ‘em). I’ve always thought that they were more about their characters, and then about the romantic pairings. DJS has got such fabulous ladies who start as antagonists and then become friends who value and love each other! TKoD fucked me over with its leads going from loathing each other to TRUSTING AND BELIEVING IN EACH OTHER. That’s my Achilles’ heel! And FBND hit close to home with its study in loneliness.
  • Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident aka that one melo I will probably keep talking about until the end of time because it turned me into a goddamn mess (okay, I do also feel a lot for That Winter, The Wind Blows, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it…). It does have a couple of weak episodes around the middle, but everything else is SO SOLID. Writing, acting, directing… Eeeeeeeverything.
  • The Queen’s Classroom… okay, you said no high school dramas, you didn’t say anything about middle schoolers :P. TQC is really good. It’s so good. Don’t be fooled, or think any less of it, by the fact that 3/4 of the cast is made of children. It deals with a lot of topics, and it deals with them carefully. 
  • A Wife’s Credentials, by the writer/director who are currently giving us Secret Love Affair, is the least kdrama I’ve ever seen? I thought it was closer in tone to slice-of-life jdramas, though not identical. It’s great writing, acting, directing again, and if you’re watching SLA you probably have an idea. You’re definitely not getting any fluff or idols from this one.
  • Give Love Away and Ojagkyo Brothers if you’re up for family dramas.
  • Arang and The Magistrate and City Hunter are beloveds of mine but some people HATED them, so…; Bridal Mask can be a little harsh to get through, but it’s got probably my favorite female character ever (I DON’T THINK I LOVE ANYONE AS MUCH AS I LOVE UENO RIE… maybe Miss Korea’s Ji Young… It’s okay, I HAVE ENOUGH SPACE IN MY HEART FOR BOTH OF THEM.)

Are jdramas and twdramas game? If so, I will always and forever rec Keizoku 2: SPEC (j), Soratobu Kouhoushitsu (j), Rich Man, Poor Woman (j), Shinya Shokudo (j) and In Time With You (tw). 

I hope this was helpful, somehow. Last time someone asked me for recs, they said that they hated most of the titles, so…


I can see the wind.

"When you see a shooting star, you want to make a wish, right? What kind of wishes will you make? I know it’s childish, but I’m going to wish to meet a fateful love. The wish you make on the stars… wouldn’t it be okay even if it’s a bit like a fairytale?"

"You first wore a short skirt and shook your butt, saying "touch me.""