So will pain, and so will time.

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Different anon here, hope you're doing okay. Don't feel pressured to make IOTL gifs, take care of yourself :)

That’s lovely of you, thank you :).

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How come you're not posting anything of It's Okay That's Love?

Hello, I’m so sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away from tumblr.

There really is not much of a reason, I’ve just been in a bit of a slump lately, photoshop/tumblr wise, and the show is actually hitting a little too close to home, which never puts me in a sharing mood. That’s all!

All my friends betrayed me and disappeared. I’ve never had close friends since. I get scared that they’re going to go away anyway.

As long as people keep on living, it’s not easily possible to erase their traces.

“We wanted to hear… your true, honest feelings. That your marriage is quite different from pictures in magazines. That the truth is, you were in a lot of pain, and it was difficult. That you don’t want Gi Tae to go through the same marriage as yours. And that’s why you’re obsessing over a perfect marriage for Gi Tae. How much you wish for Gi Tae’s happiness, I know, but, if you want Gi Tae to be happy, you need to be happy first. Not trying to trick people’s eyes with fake happiness, but real happiness!”

Have we come too far? If we go back, will it be like nothing happened?

It’s alright.

Father, you are the gunman. […] Leave Hanjo alone, even if he is Park Yoon Kang. Do not touch him. If Hanjo dies, you will lose your only daughter too.

What I have done till now, and what I will do in the future—it is all only for you. Know that.